Whyte 10 years anniversary celebrations


Whyte 10 years anniversary celebrations

How the Whyte story started…

It all started with a big table equipped with 4 laptops and a bunch of chairs in the middle of a huge empty space. The vibrant energy of four passionate consultants was enough to fill the rest of the room. That is how the Whyte adventure began back in September 2008.

Many things have happened in 10 years’ time. There was the economic crisis and all the sensitive communication that came with it. We also experienced many political crises such as 541 days without a government and an historical majority change in Wallonia. We witnessed the coronation of a new king and an unprecedented digital revolution. Twitter, Instagram and Co taught us how to voice opinions differently with different tools.

During those 10 years, we also opened an office in Antwerp, we drank more than 100.000 coffees and spilled a few on the way. We issued 1674 press releases, we prepared 713 Q&A’s and we delivered 517 media training courses. We monitored 1280 parliamentary agendas and we adapted to 21 different governments. And last but not least, we received a dozen of awards for the work we carried out together, for you.

The Whyte team has grown considerably, from 4 to 28 people today, each with their unique personality and variety of experiences. They guarantee the richness of our solutions and share the same passion for communication.

We are very proud that we succeeded in our endeavours and we are impatient to add a few more chapters to this story, together with you.

Thank you for being a part of our story!

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