Most trusted newsbrands

ByArnaud Denis

Most trusted newsbrands

With local elections now in the rear-view mirror, the intense news coverage is gradually switching from an election campaign mode to a more normal pace. 

It feels like our attention has somewhat been hijacked by multiple sources of information, all sharing points of views, analyses, breaking news and alleged pertinent new developments.  Are all these newsstands considered equally in terms of reliability and trustworthiness? The market research company Kantar TNS conducted a survey on the level of trust Belgians have in 36 newsbrands active across the Belgian media landscape, including traditional and social media.  

Belgians tend to follow the news at close range. 3 out of 4 Belgians follow it daily. While television and radio remain the most popular media, 7 out of 10 Belgians also use the newspaper as privileged source of information. 1 in 5 Belgians read the newspaper daily. The survey conducted by Kantar TNS on 3000 individuals, has revealed that trust in traditional media remains much higher than in social media.  Fake news continues to fuel mistrust and to erode the credibility of social media, despite strong incursion in the media landscape, reinforcing the appeal in favour of professional and traditional media.   

This is consistent with conclusions drawn in our latest survey on the credibility of the various stakeholders. Results highlighted the credibility for traditional media, behind experts (academic, scientific), peers (family, friends) and NGOs, but before social media and political parties. 

Traditional media continue to benefit from a reputation build over the years. However, the loss of scores over time shows that this reserve of credibility is not inexhaustible. The challenges faced by the written press and an erosion of their resources over time is no stranger to this.  The survey conducted in Belgium by Kantar NS reveals the following ranking in terms of most trusted newsbrands: 

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